The Weak Wish

noun formal
1. a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action. "The notion intrigued me, but remained a velleity."

What an interesting word. ” A wish not strong enough to lead to action.”

How many fanciful thoughts have I had running through my head? I keep coming back to them again and again, because in my fantasy they seem cool.

But I don’t do the work to bring them into being.

It’s safer to keep them as an idea, because God forbid, once I take a step I have to see if there is substance to it.

The rubber has to hit the road at some point.

The hardest moment is making the first move, shooting the first frame of film, writing the first words.

Pull the trigger.

Because here’s an idea that’s going to help you out…

You won’t get it right the first time. You never do. This is not about attaining perfection instantaneously.

It’s about putting in the sweat and exercising the muscle.

Get velleity out of your head and start breaking some ground.