About Kevin Gregg

About Kevin Gregg

If you’re like most of my readers, you want to be creating all the time, but it feels like you can’t squeeze it in. Family, friends or colleagues tell you that it’s financially irresponsible. It’s time to get “realistic.”

I’ve been there, too.

Doubts plagued me about whether pursuing a creative career was the right thing to do.

Was I being selfish when I created?

Sure, I had creative successes along the way, making money and supporting my family. But, I also had lost a lot of money along the way.

I was wondering if I had lost my opportunity.

During this internal struggle, well-intentioned family members, colleagues, and associates would give unsolicited life advice that made me question my creative pursuits even more.

Things changed for me when I had a series of life-changing wake-up calls. I soon realized that creating isn’t a flimsy whim. This is a mission and lifework that has been given to me by the Great Creator. It’s a gift to be used for His Purpose: to point people back to Him.

I’ve been a creative professional for over 25 years as an actor, director, writer, and content creator. I’ve worked with major brands including Tide, Chrysler, Fidelity, H&R Block, Toshiba, Yamaha, Cedar Fair Parks, and The Walt Disney Company. I’m also a recipient of Ovation & L.A. Weekly theatre awards, and a member of The Disneyland Resort Entertainment Hall of Fame.

I am most grateful for my gifts at home – My wife, Kate, and I have a 24-year marriage that is essential to my life.  I could not have accomplished any of this without her love, partnership and support.

We have three sons who we are very proud of. To top it all off, I’m in my late 40’s and realizing that there is so much incredible creative opportunity that God has put in our path. Life isn’t ending, it’s just joyfully beginning!

I didn’t inherit tons of money. I’m not supernaturally lucky. I’ve just learned simple and practical ways to do creative work consistently and successfully in the face of challenging obstacles.

I can help you.

Together with my company Whipple Street Productions, I help visionary people like you create work and a life that is filled with Hope, Inspiration, Joy, Energy, Encouragement for self and others, and Productivity & Purpose (HI JEEP).

Through courses (like Creative Breakthrough Workshop, Actor’s Workout and Strengthening the Scene), e-books & pdf’s ( The Five Reasons You Need To Answer God’s Creative Call for Your Life and Guide to Getting Your Creative Work Done) plus this blog – we’re beginning a new creative movement. Be a part of the change and start your journey using the talents God gave you.