Why Medical Benefits Aren’t Making You Happy

You won’t make progress staying where you are.

It will seem like an odd quote, but I refer to Brad Pitt in the zombie movie World War Z “ Movement is life

I know it’s scary. I know you may be at a job where you are qualifying for medical benefits, you’re working you’re 40 hours a week and it seems like the safe thing to do.

But something’s just not right. You’re probably not making ends meet. You’re not using your talents and your skills to the best of their abilities.

First, I want to compliment you. You are being smart, you’re being logical.

But it’s time for you to take the leap. You can’t stay where you are because it will lead to a long slow downward spiral.  It’s the only way that you’re going to break through to your next level.


I wish I could tell you that it’ll be easy. I wish I could tell you that there’s an easy path laid out before you and that all you have to do it follow the dots. It’s not how it works.

I remember my early days working for The Walt Disney Company as a part time employee. I was a young man, married and raising children. I was only working a couple of days a week and had no idea how to make ends meet. I was making my “living” as an actor and had to take the scary step of finding money to take commercial acting classes. I had to learn the business to see if I could expand my earning potential. There were no guarantees that it would pay off. Eventually it paid off extremely well. But that never would have happened if I didn’t take that first step.

I want you to remember this: any little positive action is a step in the right direction.

The more action you take, the more things will build in your life. It’s difficult to explain and I can’t show you hard scientific data.

I can tell you this. If your efforts are true and tie into your talents and your passion… when you step out into the scary and into the unknown… you will eventually get to the other side and get rewarded for your efforts. It’s an unbelievable feeling.

You will look back and wonder “How the heck did I do that?”

You’ll have done it with friends and/or family and/or other travelers on the journey.

You will not be the same. You will be different. That will be all right, because you will be becoming what you are supposed to be in the world. You will be getting closer to what the world needs from you.

Where are you in your journey? What’s holding you back? What can you do today to take the step? Share and join in the conversation here or on my Facebook page.