Celebrate the Victories: Encouragement in What We’ve Done

“How am I going to get this done?”
It’s a question asked constantly when we look at what’s requested of us, our responsibilities, or goals we are trying to accomplish.

Encouragement in the Little Victories
Copyright: natara / 123RF Stock Photo

You may ask different versions of this question:
“How am I going to do work I really want to do?” “How am I going to lose this weight?” “How am I going to get out of this debt?”

It can be really depressing and overwhelming.

The way it gets done is a little bit at a time. You start. Action is the most important thing you can do, no matter how small it is.

The alternative is to do nothing. And that inaction is also a choice. That choice will keep us repeating the same bad habits that have you stuck in your current job,with your health or in debt.

It takes a little something to get us moving. We need encouragement. We need little victories in our lives.
Sometimes it’s as simple as making the bed, or washing those dishes that have been sitting there for the last few days. Or finally paying the bill you’ve been putting off.
A little action leads to a little more, which leads to a little more.
Before you know it, you can look back and see all the little things add up.
Try something today. Put on some music that will put you in a good mood (or at least in a focused mood) and set a timer for at least five minutes. Write down some accomplishments you’ve achieved over the last year, two years, or how ever far back you want to go.
Look at the things that you’ve done and celebrate them by sharing your victories on my Facebook page.
If you’ve been able to accomplish things in the past, you can accomplish them in the future.

I’ve got some great tools and techniques I want to share with you next month that will help you keep making that forward motion. But for now celebrate the little victories and the big victories and realize you’ll be able to do it again. Onward, upward!