1. Nelson

    I’m right with you there. I too love Walking Dead, and though I generally prefer my media to be positive and uplifting, there is something to be said for the ‘never quit’ mentality that the show portrays. That said, it’s a horrible place to end your day. If I’ve started a WD marathon, or any other kind of semi-downer media, then I always take about an hour before bed and clear my headspace. I’ll either watch uplifting media, positive messages through written literature, or even just meditate for a bit. Anything to just keep the ‘never quit’ message and ditch all the negativity that goes with it.

    Great message. Thanks for reinforcing it!

    • admin

      Thanks Nelson. There’s a lot thrown at us during the course of a day and I feel that we’re already living “the never quit” life. I feel it’s worthwhile to fill that well with material that’s will help us keep going, not deplete us. Thanks for reading and commenting.