Directing and Consultation

Creative ideas need help to get completed. Why do it alone?

You may find yourself in this position with your current project

  • You’ve got a great concept or idea, but are lacking the skills and/or support to get it across the finish line
  • You need help to grow into what you envisioned
  • You’re stuck with what you want to creatively accomplish with this project

Additionally, it would be amazing if

  • the team could be inspired to deliver their best
  • it was an encouraging, supportive atmosphere that got the work done in an efficient and productive manner

The solution would be someone who could quickly asses the situation, make informed creative decisions and breathe new life & energy into the project.

This is what I’ve done for the last 20 years with my direction and creative consultation services.

My objective is to get clear on the creative vision; open the lines of communication across production & management; hire and lead the best creative team for the project.

Some recent examples have been:

  • Presenting an interactive live showcase for over 25,000 Cast Members at The Disneyland Resort to prepare and inform them about offerings for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
  • Acting as Media Director for Step It Up Kids, an educational fundraising company helping students and families raise money for their school in a fun and efficient process
  • Serving as live show director and brand liaison with The Disneyland Resort and Make a Wish foundation for their “Stays With You” video campaign
  • Preparing actors for immersive, interactive experiences at the inaugural Ghost Town Alive experience at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA.

I work on projects with this ethic:
Helping people continually develop into the best versions of themselves.
Problem-solving with a creative, inspiring, encouraging, productive and focused spirit. It’s about successfully completing a project while growing the confidence and skills of the team.

You can try to get your project to the finish line with your current resources. It may leave you frustrated with a headache and no movement forward.

Or we can work together to grow your project into something that your clients and customers will walk away with satisfied and entertained.

Let’s start the conversation: Click here to tell me about your project. Let’s get you on the path to creatively and successfully getting your project on its feet and into the world.

Directing and Consultation
Directing and Consultation
Directing and Consultation