It’s time to make the change!

Great opportunity to hone your acting craft in person with Kevin

STRENGTHENING THE SCENE (10am-12noon Saturdays)

This is the class designed to push you to the next level with your acting craft. Develop your strength as a performer.

We will apply advance technique to increase your presence in the scene.

Class will include monologue work, improv work.

All of this will lead to partnered scenes that by the end of our sessions result in work that is fully rehearsed and ready to film for promotion.

Classes will also include an overview of the business and marketing as an actor.

The class is designed for the actor who is currently using their skills and would like to grow and make personal breakthroughs with their craft and business.

ACTOR’S WORKOUT (1pm-3pm Saturdays)

We review the fundamentals of acting using exercises and drills that give you a better presence on stage and increase your confidence.

Monologue work. Partner scene work to help you deliver a dynamic and engaging performance.

Overview of the business and marketing as an actor.

This class is designed for the beginning student or someone who has been away from the craft and would like to refresh their skills.

Purpose of these classes:

My duty is to help you grow and become the best version of yourself as an artist and actor.

You get to practice and refine your craft in an environment designed to encourage and strengthen.

This is an environment that cultivates forward motion with your craft and creative career.

$200 for 4 weeks of classes

Class location will be in the Studio City area.

How to enroll:

Reserve your spot by paying at We will then have a phone call to place you in the class that will help you achieve your goals.

Any questions please email me at

My mission:

To help creatives develop the craft that was given by God to bring His Love, Care and Hope into the world. Our talents as artists and storytellers help point others back to Him and His Great Purpose. (Matthew 28:16-20)